Thursday, August 14, 2014

This is my last post...



I have added some more pictures from the alt universe. I realize now that giving people 1 image from 1 angle may have been a poor way of introducing a multi-character make over. Also gave Sasha a head band since people dont like her forehead apparently lol.  Looking to have the new site up Saturday or Sunday, but then again this is me so it could take longer than that if Murphy and his stupid law decided to show up. I'll keep you posted through here though. 


Ok so the title is a cheap trick.  This is my last post on blogspot.  I am in the process of finishing my new website that I'll unveil next week.  It has forums! I am excited.  I have to say I enjoyed my time here  at blogspot but its certainly time to move on.  So thank you all for coming here daily and sharing in my twisted creations.


Cumming (bad pun),  I have decided to do a few things differently from here on out.  First off episode 5 is a long ways off I still have by my estimation 40+ hours of rendering to do before its complete.  I am finishing my last group of commissions and after that I am looking forward to going balls deep into new content. Speaking of commissions expect a shared commissions update within a week or so. 

I have decided to abandon my Skyrim project.  I found that when I decided to actually play Skyrim the last thing I want to do is more work.  I play games to have fun and I think I'll keep it that way. 

User Input Required!
Got a couple of wallpapers for you guys in the meantime.  One is very different from the other.  Why? Well its simple, I want to create more content for you. Or really more consistent content for you. So here is the deal. Since my characters flow into a bigger project I require some level of continuity within their story line. This makes it difficult to do arbitrary sets and stories.  So taking inspiration from one of my commissions, I have decided to go all J.J. Abrams with my characters. 

The "Darker" picture below contains my characters from an alternate dimension. As you can see they aren't the doey eyed explorers we all know and love.  They are criminals abandoned by a world they once fought for and are now wanted for crimes against the empire. 

Their stories are going to be yours to tell!

That's right starting September I am going to have a rolling event involving these characters and your suggestions.  The most popular ideas will be posted on a poll and I will create the scene with of 4-6 images, I plan to do this on a WEEKLY basis.  Its not much but I think it could be fun and its fresh content on a much more consistent basis vs what I am currently doing.  I'll go into more depth when I launch the site. 
Anyhoo that's all for now. 

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Share and share alike.


Apparently Imagevenue my image host has had a heart attack.  I'll give them a couple of days to sort things out, if not I may move on with my own site.  I have had enough of these web hosting issues.  Anyone know any good adult web hosts?


Greetings folks, this is going to be another big one so...LARGE WALL OF TEXT WARNING.

Now that we got that out of the way, I have a few things for you.  Sorry its been a while but I have been working on several concurrent projects while still trying to learn some new tricks on the side.  Where to start, well I have some shared commissions here for you guys.  The first round of clients were awesome (some still in progress) but almost all were willing to share and some even insisted that I do so. Without fail they have all been really fun interesting people, I have truly enjoyed brainstorming and interacting with them. Anyhoo I'll be posting shared commissions in the future on the commissions page.  In the meantime I have bundled all of them into one zip for today which will be at the bottom of the post as usual.

Next, while working on all these lovely projects, one of my all time favorite artists passed away. Yes I am talking about the legendary H.R. Giger, the man behind the biomechanical surrealism that served as a design point for the Aliens series. I have a strange relationship with his work, as my father was a bit of horror film buff in his youth.  He got stuck with me for a weekend and decided it was a good time to see the movie Aliens with his 7 year old son.

Needless to say I was terrified, but at the same time I loved the dark dreary atmosphere, deep shadows, the sounds, it was all so stimulating I couldn't look away. But the content obviously was way beyond my ability to handle.  I had nightmares for years.  It certainly didn't help that the movie became so iconic, and design elements in Sci Fi continue to pay homage to the film.  If you liked modern sci fi as I did you just couldn't get away from it.

As a kid I was always taught to out think your fears and obstacles, which is probably why I don't have any irrational phobias today.  When I was little if I was scared of something I dream up a plausible solution (tools, weapons, escape routes etc) and then I would be ok. The xenomorph however was a tough nut to crack. In close range I would be shredded, it was faster than me in every way, and it had acid blood. It also had rather nasty reproductive cycle.

Needless to say Giger's iconic work disturbed me for years, even his paintings have this terrible dark aura to them, like you were looking at something that was just wrong, and yet I often sought them out. Not matter how dark or disturbing they were they were always fascinating to me. As I matured I really began to have a great appreciation for his unique work. I also learned that he suffered from night terrors, a sleep disorder that makes your everyday nightmares look like a walk in the park.  He was at times literally a victim of his own dark imagination.

I now rank the Aliens as one of my favorite movies of all time.  Its imagery continues to influence the genre even today. Facehuggers still give me the creeps, but I have found ways to have fun with them regardless :D. Anyhoo, I loved Giger and it saddened me that he passed.  As a result though I have been working on and off over the last couple of weeks on a very small tribute to him.  I also picked up some set pieces like the Sulaco, the Heavy Lifter, the marine APC and Dropship.  And though I was on the fence before about doing a sequel to AVL (multiple characters are ton of work) I am fully invested in that idea now.

Studio audience

I need some help from you guys.  As I slowly inch my way towards the game beta, I find myself desperately needed voice actors and sound creation software.  So if anyone has any suggestions regarding those two things please feel free to post em here or email me

Regarding the skyrim project.  Instead of doing a traditional "follow this character around" thing I was toying with the idea of having two or three characters explore the Tamriel during the same time period, their stories intertwining and eventually moving toward a bigger plot.  So far I have my Dunmer (dark elf) vampire, and a Breton Forsworn agent. I'm taking suggestions on the third.

Last but not least, Episode 5.  Its still in the works, I am trying out a few new things and I have hit a technical wall.  I want to clear my remaining commissions before I try to breach it. So please bear with me, I think you'll like the results.

Last thing (for real this time) regarding emails, I know I am really behind on those, if I haven't answered you lately its not cause I am intentionally being rude I just haven't had the time to properly respond.  Don't be mad please :D

Okay way too much yapping here. If you made it this far, thanks for listening!

TLDR:  Shared commissions, Giger Tribute, Facehuggers are creepy.  If you know of any voice actresses and or good audio creation software please let me know.

File: Download

Friday, April 18, 2014

Gwen's Debut

Hey all, got some goodies here for you. Reaper did an incredible job on the story and now the set is ready to be released. He really is a talented writer, if you like the story be sure to check out his blog HERE. I am really excited about this joint venture and I hope you all enjoy it!

I've started taking commissions and have had some interesting/challenging projects so far. Definitely a fun learning process.  I hope to be done with most of the first batch by this weekend, a few of them have been kind enough to share, so you'll be seeing them under the commission page soon.  

As you probably noticed I am changing a few things around on the website. I've combined all of my female character pages under the "Girls" page, so don't worry they're still there. Bestiary is under construction atm, but it will be up soon as well.  I'll have a page dedicated to Skyrim, not sure if I am going to chronicle the adventures of my mage just yet (need a clean save arg), but I am planning to get the modding guide up there asap.

Despite all my efforts to depict the girls having a good time, people still see my images and think rape : /  That combined with "unauthorized distribution" have given me reason to start placing watermarks on my images. Hopefully this will help clear up some of the confusion regarding my work.

People seemed to like the polls so I'll try to incorporate them into future posts.  I do have a couple of questions for you though. While working on Episode 5, I decided to throw in a twist in the story/set. In general the stories are going to become a lot larger and more complex from here on out. Some of you voiced your concerns when I announced that I would be redoing my older sets, not wanting to see the same thing twice, I'll see it to it that you don't.  Failing that you'll at least have more content than before (like the recent Juli set the original was only 7 images).

I am ready to post some teasers but that would kind of ruin the additional element.  Do you prefer teasers that illustrate the meat and potatoes of a set, or do you just prefer a little mystery?

I was also thinking of adding a gallery to the site and gradually adding some of the teasers into rotation instead of having them in individual posts. Not really sure about this one, let me know what you think.

Lastly, some of you are new to my site (welcome btw) and I know it can kind of a be a pain in the ass to sift through all my old posts.  Would you prefer a download page with all my posted content, or do you enjoy reading the posts?

As requested, new blog backgrounds.

Congratulations Tallar on winning the Sylvia poll.  Episode 5 underway!

Gwen set download below, story by Creeping Reaper!